Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary Car Insurance

Sometimes you may find that you need to insure yourself to drive a car that is not your own but you do not want to have to pay our for an annual car insurance policy. In these situations you can get temporary car insurance.

A temporary car insurance policy can provide you with cover from any from a single day up to 28 days. This sort of daily car insurance is useful if you have just purchased a new car and need to be able to drive it home. You will usually not be covered under your existing policy so you will need this temporary cover to be able to drive your new car.

Short term comprehensive car insurance

Getting a day car insurance policy does not affect your no claims on your existing annual policy. This means it will not affect you if you do need to make a claim against the policy.

You can also use your day insurance to travel to any of the European union countries such as France, Spain Portugal, Germany and Holland. This is useful if you are borrowing a friends or relatives car to go on holiday.

Another popular use for this type of insurance is if you are test driving a new car. Some car dealers will allow you to test drive a new car for an extended period. Rather than just taking the car round the block you can drive it for a day or two. This is useful if you want to see if you can get the kids, car seats, shopping and so on in the car. It also allows you to get a better feel for a new car you have not driven before.

Temp cover for longer than 28 days

For many of us temporary insurance will be all that we need and we will have no problem getting the cover for our particular circumstances. There may however be other situations where a longer term policy may be more appropriate or even the only alternative.

There are situations where you may not be able to get short term cover due to your personal circumstances. Some of the reasons that you may be turned down for a policy include being too young, most insurers providing this type of daily policy will not insure drivers under the age of 21. If you are trying to insure a modified, performance or high insurance group car you may also not be able to get cover. If you have points on your licence or driving convictions this may also prevent you from getting temp car cover.

For car insurance companies providing insurance is all about risk, the more risk the less money the insurer is likely to make. If they have to pay out on a claim for a policy that only lasted for a day then they are not going to be in business for very long. For this reason most short term car insurance providers will not provide a policy to people in high risk groups.

Other than getting a standard annual policy your alternative is to get a monthly no deposit car insurance policy. Rather than buying cover for a day at a time with a minimum of 1 days cover you buy insurance a month at a time with a minimum of 1 months commitment. Because you are taking out a policy for a longer period the insurer is willing to cover drivers as young as 17 years of age where a daily policy usually has a minimum age requirement of 21 years.

To get hold of a temporary insurance policy for a car all you need to do is fill out a simple online form. These are not as long and as complicated as you normal annual insurance forms so they will not take too long to complete.

Once your details have been successfully entered you can pay by credit card and you cover will start immediately. You also do not have to wait until the paper policy is posted to you as you can print out the documents on your printer to take with you.

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