Temporary Car Insurance

Temp Car Insurance Under 25

Are you having problems finding a temporary car insurance policy because you are under 25? You are not alone, in the world of car insurance anyone under the age of 25 is considered a higher risk and so insurers have to bump up the premiums on these policies.

If you want a temp car insurance under 25 policy then you will have the same problem. Temporary car insurers expose themselves to even greater risk when providing policies to those under 25 years of age. This is because with a temporary policy you are only getting cover for a very short period of time and therefore paying a lot less for your insurance, sometimes as little as a pound for a single days cover. Imagine how much this costs the insurer when most of the accidents are caused by the under 25's.

Under 25 temporary car insurance

It does seem unfair to be bundled in a high risk group when you may to all intents and purposes be a very careful driver. Unfortunately insurers only take the measurable facts into account and so if you happen to be in one of these high risk groups then you will find it more difficult to get cover or if you do the premiums will be much higher to reflect the potential risk to the insurer.

There is however an alternative, it is a cross between a temporary policy and a normal full years car insurance cover. This is no deposit pay as you go car insurance where you pay for your insurance a month at a time with a minimum of one months policy. This means that you only have to pay for one month rather than the alternative of having to get a full years policy.

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